Wednesday, 18 January 2012

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Monday, 16 January 2012


Important - To re-invest earnings into more ad packages, this Purchase Ad Pack page will have a button appear (as long as you have $10 or more to re-invest).

The Its10Bucks Profit Strategy

Welcome to the Its10Bucks profit strategy. This has been designed so that you can easily grow your earnings with Its10Bucks whilst earning amazing profits.

It is a very simple strategy but very effective and if you stick to this strategy you will soon find that your earnings will explode.

Details and FAQ!

How does Its 10 Bucks work?

Four (4), is all you need. This can push you through All Levels.
(Can't sponsor? See the completely passive earnings structure below)

The First and Third Payment Is Yours, Second And Fourth Are Held For Entry To The Next Level. This Will Happen Automatically. All The Way Until The End Of The Tenth Level, With Each Level Increasing In Income Generated. As The 4 Members Under You Continue To Advance, They Will Continue To Pay You All The Way To The End Of The 10th Level for A Mind Blowing Total Earning Potential Of $15,350, From A One Time $10 Payment!

See Below for more details:
Level 1 = $5 x 4 = $10 Earnings and $10 Saved For Next Level
Level 2 = $10 x 4 = $20 Earnings and $20 Saved For Next Level
Level 3 = $20 x 4 = $40 Earnings and $40 Saved For Next Level
Level 4 = $40 x 4 = $80 Earnings and $80 Saved For Next Level
Level 5 = $80 x 4 = $160 Earnings and $160 Saved For Next Level
Level 6 = $160 x 4 = $320 Earnings and $320 Saved For Next Level
Level 7 = $320 x 4 = $640 Earnings and $640 Saved For Next Level
Level 8 = $640 x 4 = $1,280 Earnings and $1,280 Saved For Next Level
Level 9 = $1,280 x 4 = $2,560 Earnings and $2,560 Saved For Next Level
Level 10 = $2,560 x 4 = $7,680 Earnings and a Re-entry of $2,560
Total Earning Potential For All 10 Levels = $15,350+

How Extra Positions work:

IF you have a filled level 1 then, the next member or position will benefit from spillover.

New Direct Referrals can also benefit from spillover as well as provide spillover from their efforts.

These direct referrals will push up other purchased positions which will automatically push up your main primary position.

*How have we eliminated the waste? Just follow the path of ONE account and have this account cycle over and over again on the 10th level, which is an amazing $7,680 and a re-entry of $2,650 on the 10th level, ($7,680 payments over and over again with just 4 on this level)

Additional positions also earn from the 10 Bucks Bonus Pool (see below), completely passive. A 100% return and every time you cycle, this 100% return grows exponentially to 200%, 400%, 600%, etc. Brilliant!! (see below).

Got a "STALLED" matrix? You can also PIF your free members (helps a new free member get in the money and "pushes " you to the higher levels for the Bigger Money Payouts).

For those with no downline or can't sponsor . .

You can earn completely passive income via our 10 Bucks Bonus Pool (no sponsoring is required here).

Every third member to join = one member getting paid 10 Bucks plus, a re-entry in line to do it all over again (if you have 10 positions - that's $100 over and over again).

When you get paid from the 10 Bucks Bonus Pool alone - it's break even, then 100%, 200%, 300%, 400%, etc. ROI (this kicks those daily 1% - 5% programs Butt), and it's completely passive!

How much does it cost to join Its 10 Bucks?
Your paid membership will cost $10.00 (plus $2 Alertpay fee). Each Ad Package = $12 total per Ad Package.